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Sierra Cloud Catamaran

It is 2 hours long.

12pm, 2:30pm & 5pm

Either along the east shore to Thunderbird Lodge or along the west shore to Cal Neva.

Alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, and light packaged appetizers.

Yes, we ask you not to bring glass or red wine (for it stains the boat).

Yes, we have life jackets varying in sizes from infants to adults.

The industry standard is 18%, but feel free to tip however much you would like.

Power Boat Rentals

No, we only have motorboats.

All our boats are open bow

No, pets are not allowed. Service animals are allowed by law but will need documentation (no vests).

Children, age 13 and younger, must always wear a life jacket.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to fish off our power boat rentals. Please see our guided fishing charters for more info on fishing in Lake Tahoe. 

Yes, all our boats will have Biminis.

We provide ice and towels on our boats.

We provide a captain upon request at $50/hr


Each parasailer or group of parasailers is towed behind a boat while attached to a parasail wing. You’re attached to the parasail through a harness, and the parasail is attached to the boat through a tow rope. The boat is then driven forward, and you’re lifted higher and higher in the air as the boat gains speed.

You can go as high as 800 feet above the boat while parasailing. 

Extremely safe! We have custom-built, state-of-the-art boats specifically designed to handle take-offs and landings with ease. You’re never suddenly thrown into the air; you’ll instead gently ascent to heights of up to 800 feet. Our boat captains are all US Coast Guard-certified so you can feel confident in a boat manned by them.

Getting a little wet or staying totally dry is all up to you. Just inform the captain ahead of take-off if you’d like to skim off the water.

Yes! Parasailing is one of few water sports or activities that don’t require participants to have swimming skills. Plus, you’ll have a life vest on at all times and you can choose to completely avoid the water.

Yes, all flyers must be at least five years old. Persons weighing less than 90 lbs. can fly using our tandem or triple harness.

Persons under 90 pounds cannot fly alone, but they can fly with a companion using our tandem or triple harness. Whether solo, double, or triple, the total weight of all flyers cannot exceed 550 pounds. Note that the captain has the discretion to adjust weight requirements as called for by the weather or safety requirements.

Yes, we can do private pick-ups at beaches, piers, and other similar spots. Just contact us at (775) 831-4386 for more details on private events, and we’ll be glad to make arrangements.

Jet Ski Rentals

Jet skis can hold a maximum of two people

About 350 lbs.

We have a one-mile radius with our jet skis if the guests can see our beach team

You must be 18 years old to drive alone, and 21 years old to drive with a passenger.

Yes, we can plan for our beach guys to drive your kids and/or you.

Kayak Rentals

Yes, if the child is 5 years old or younger.

Yes, two parents and a child under 5 years old can go on a double kayak.

You can go anywhere for the time of your rental.

Single kayak is about 200 lbs and a double is about 400 lbs.  

SUP Rentals

Yes, as long as they are 3 years and younger

You can go anywhere, for the time of your rental

Kids 14 years and older cannot share the SUP

About 200 lbs.